We collect and integrate knowledge on sustainable laboratory practices, and make this publicly available


We promote and help the establishment of green lab initiatives within Europe


We facilitate the creation of networks and foster collaborations between them


We harness the power of our collective voices to drive change and positively influence policymakers and key stakeholders

The Sustainable European Laboratories (SELs) Network was formed with the clear vision of creating a collective identity that advocates for sustainable research practices in Europe. Organised as a network of local sustainability teams as well as independent ‘green labs’ networks, SELs aims to transform the way science is done so that it better responds to the environmental challenges of our era.

Our societies have been greatly relying on the research and innovation sector to deliver progress and solutions to address global challenges. Despite this vital role however, scientific research – especially when it is laboratory-based – cannot be uncoupled from its substantial ecological footprint.

With Europe aiming to become carbon-neutral by 2050 and sustainability increasingly becoming a core principle for many institutions, a growing number of local ‘green lab initiatives’ to promote sustainable science and mitigate the environmental impact of scientific research have been independently spreading across Europe. 

 Our mission is to become the voice of sustainable science in Europe, by bringing together individuals and teams involved in sustainable research across the continent. Through high-quality reporting and the establishment of common standards and goals, SELs aims to increase the support and demand for sustainable actions in research.